Artisanal production in batches

Natural & Healthy Food

Take home the taste of the Maestrat

Artisan Workshop

Batches with limited units

Own production

Careful elaboration, leisurely.

Productions in process

Progressive availability

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We produce Functional Foods
that improve health beyond nutrition

responsible, moderate and continuous consumption

Healthy snacks

With the personal flavor of the almonds of the Maestrat.

Almond Creams

Healthy alternative to butter.

Raw Honeys

Produced in the Maestrat and nearby regions

Monovarietal olive oil

Olive oils of the Maestrat

Seasoned Oil

Salads and sandwiches will never be the same again.

Always further

Developments on the go...

And it is already coming a bubbling new world that fascinates us

Plant-based fermented foods

#plantbased #fermentedfood

Vegans cheeses

Suitable for everyone


Natural soft drink of acetic fermentation

Water Kefir

Natural soft drink of lactic fermentation


Rice fermented with Aspergilus oryzae

Shio Koji

Salted cream derived from koji


Sweet cream derived from koji

Kimchi and Sauerkraut

Vegetables subjected to lactic fermentation


Legumes fermented with Rhizopus sp.

Always further

New developments ...

Social and Environmental Sustainability
The Soul of D'Armela

Minimal Water Footprint

Rainfed agriculture irrigated only by rain

Raw Materials Km O

Ingredients of the Maestrat whenever we can

Recyclable Packaging

No plastic if we have alternatives

Carbon footprint in reduction

Production with renewable energy

Economy for the Common Good

Based on human values

Green economy

Embedded in the rural world and surrounded by nature

Circular Economy

Designed to last in contrast to use and throw culture.

Socially engaged

To the reversal of the rural depopulation

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Natural & Healthy Food

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