Extra Virgin Olive Oil with chilli pepper


Extra virgin olive oil flavoured with chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum). Salads and sandwiches will move to another level. Choose your favourite taste or even better, combine them. Nothing will be the same again.

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The extra virgin olive oil of the Maestrat is mainly produced from the Farga, Reguers, Villalonga and Picual varieties, although there are many more. The Farga variety was introduced by the Romans and has been the most cultivated of the Maestrat for centuries. In fact, it is the variety of all the ancient olive trees of the Maestrat. Maestrat oil has a powerful taste. Depending on the dominant variety it can be fruity, with green tones, and flavours between sweet, bitter and spicy. Our seasoning is a slow process that maintains the whole personality of the oil, while incorporating the flavour of herbs. Although it is a very resistant oil to go rancid, it should be kept in the dark and away from heat sources.

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